An Insight Into Who Discovered Copper

Generally found as a mixture with sulphur, copper ores were primarily mined and then refined into copper cathodes. Unlike the colour of copper we are familiar with in our daily lives, the element in its purest form is surprisingly pink. Copper as an element has been in use by people since prehistoric times and who […]

ice skating

Ice Skating Tips

Want some adrenaline rush while you pursue your hobby? Ice skating is that sport that can help you experience adventure, flexibility, enjoyment, fun all at the same time. But we cannot deny the fact that it is one such sport that needs a lot of practice and confidence. It involves risk of accident if not […]


How To Convert JPG To Vector?

A vector is a mathematically calculated photographic image. An application utilized for creating vector images will demonstrate the precise ways of drawing an image. A vector image gives you scope to enlarge it to various sizes without losing the quality of the picture. A vector image enlarged 5 times as compared to the original would […]